About Conscious Initiative


Conscious Initiative OÜ is a company founded by Dr. Helena Lass. We are originating from Estonia. This Nordic country has a global reputation for being forward-thinking and tech-savvy and the start-up capital of Europe. A lot of big startup companies have grown out of our tiny country and are now very successful global companies: Skype, TransferWise, Bolt (ex-Taxify), Pipedrive, Click & Grow, GrabCAD, Erply, Fortumo, Mooncascade, Lingvist, just to name a few. Estonia is the first nation in the world to have e-residency and e-voting and is the top player in the area of Internet security, earning itself its nickname, ‘e-Estonia’. So disrupting areas with digital solutions are in our blood!

For the companies of 21 century, the mental strength and peak performance of its people are increasingly the main strategic objectives. This demands a new kind of leadership that values intra-personal skills and considers wellbeing as a foundation for active participation. The wider implication of applied awareness can expand minds, lead to fundamental insights and reach this objective. Like Isaac Newton had an insight into the law of universal gravitation while sitting under the apple tree and being hit by a falling apple. 


We strongly believe in the power of applied awareness to be uplifting for people’s performance and wellbeing. Everywhere, professionally and personally. We value initiative. We see wellbeing not as a result but as a foundation. An enabling state to build a healthy world, where people can be at peace with the consequences we have collectively created. We believe in taking responsibility – even the biggest change starts with an individual. Everyone's initiative matters.


We create events and platforms where business, awareness, and talent meet by providing digital as well as physical content about the wide application of awareness and intra-personal skills. We do this through conferences, live and online trainings for institutions, companies as well as individuals.  


Literally, we are lit up by awareness. We are dedicated to providing insights into how the ability to notice works, enabling people to develop better knowledge of their situation, potential, objectives, and meaning. We inspire people to explore their intra-personal skills systematically, so they can be healthier, increase initiative and become creatively involved in their work.


We want to see humanity thriving and businesses driven by meaning and ethics. We see that natural resources can be used wisely when people are not carried away by momentary emotions and consumerism. We see the world where wisdom and awareness flourish as a driving force. Responsibility and dedication will redirect our focus from the outer world to intra-personal skills and allow us to live lives fully. This is the future we choose to envision.

Conscious Initiative facilitates applying awareness. To expand minds, translating across many fields of business and life. We know that all humans have the potential to increase their level of consciousness and are thankful for the opportunity to give our share in making this happen.

We are convinced that this leads to growth from just reactive to inclusively responsive to individuals as well as organizations. We are here to encourage positive change through the growth of human intellect and do everything we can to prevent the annihilation of our planet as well as our kind with the misuse of technology at humanity’s disposal.


We support a pro-active approach. That is the base for success in work and entrepreneurship and leads to mental wellness.

Since the decisions people make, opportunities they notice and obstacles they encounter, all have major internal components, we focus on intra-personal skills. All these go hand-in-hand with the ability to notice and can be developed by everyone. Mastering intra-personal skills give people the ability to influence their performance and quality of life.

Our live events and the world's first fully digital mental wellness gym are predominantly directed to entrepreneurs and different workplaces, addressing people and the way they work. We teach how to pay attention, listen carefully, take initiative, be self-motivated, focus, be creative and expand this creativity into the innovative mindset, approach changes, think clearly, manage emotions (guilt, irritation, self-esteem, greed, fear, etc), be dedicated, manage time-pressure, etc.

Happiness and productivity at work can also be compromised by a lack of know-how on how to deal with intra-personal disturbances like stress, burnout, depression, anxiety and recurrent obsessive thoughts, disturbing flashbacks or excessive worry. We provide online trainings to enable people to acquire the skills needed to solve these problems effectively, regain their initial potential and re-establish wellbeing.

We empower people to fulfill their calling professionally and personally. 






Our story began when we both attended to Ingvar Villido's awareness lecture series. It was there we met for the first time. We both had realized that there surely has to be a more profound way to life than just following the usual social behavior of school-work-retirement. Along the timeline, the more we discovered about the tool of awareness from Ingvar's courses, lectures and applied awareness practices, the more we started to recognize the potential of the situation, question the status quo and allow more internal freedom along with responsibility. That initial meeting and shared values have led us to marriage, two kids and several journeys to Asia. By now we are very good friends and business partners that completely trust and rely on each other.

The Conscious Initiative story started with the intent to be of service. Alongside Helena’s medical studies and work in hospitals, she discovered that
the educational deficit of to-the-point and applicable intra-personal skills is the main villain for problems in self-actualization, meaning, health and wellbeing. For the last 10 years, she has been searching how to address smart, energetic and highly creative people from a more powerful and pro-active perspective than medicine does. To acquire the language and mindset of entrepreneurs, she first became one herself, founding her private practice that educated companies on workplace wellbeing.

2015 took us to the next level – this is where Kaur joined in with his planning experience and entrepreneurial skills, resulting in the first Conscious Initiative Conference. It then became the matter of the heart for both of us to share the practice of how applied awareness and intrapersonal skills translate into meaning and fulfillment through everyday work. The age of the Internet and information is challenging the usual separation between polarities – work and personal life, min, and body, us and them, doing and being, right and wrong. As constant change is inevitable, there needs to be more integration and less separation. While fulfilling our calling, we founded Conscious Initiative and Wellness Orbit to support others in fulfilling theirs.

We aspire positive change in the way humanity experiences power, potential, and success. We are immensely grateful to all Conscious Initiative and Wellness Orbit fans, exploring with the open mind the frontiers of awareness and mental wellbeing alongside with us and inspiring others to take bold action in doing the same. We are also grateful to our awareness teacher Ingvar Villido who continues to share his Art of Conscious Change Courses to people around Europe, Russia, and the USA.

Thank you!

Dr. Helena Lass – Development Director

& Kaur Lass – Managing Director

The founders of Conscious Initiative & Wellness Orbit