Conference: <br>Technology. Human capacity. Awareness. - Tallinn

Technology. Human capacity. Awareness. - Tallinn

03. May 2018

In their new report McKinsey Global Institute  found that up to 800 million global workers will lose their jobs by 2030 and be replaced by robotic automation. The change will be huge as up to one-fifth of the global work force will be affected.  

Robots, machine learning (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are here to stay. With new technology becoming so much faster and rapidly advancing, the need for new perspectives on human capacity is paramount. We as humans often run on autopilot by default, not thinking or questioning our own automated internal processes. We need to become more aware of what, how and why we as humans do the things we do. To maintain our own competitive advantage, we  — as humans — need to upgrade our own skills. We need to switch from slow processes of thinking to awareness-based skills (like intuition, insight and creativity).

Estonians are driven, entrepreneurial and forward-thinking people. A lot of startup companies have grown out of our tiny country and are now very successful  Skype, TransferWise, Pipedrive, Click & Grow, GrabCAD, Erply etc. We live a society where technology has changed our lives. We have mobile-parking, we do e-banking, we declare our taxes online, we talk with distant friends and family over Skype and we vote via e-voting. ID-card and mobile ID has been with us longer than anywhere else in the world. This makes our Tallinn event the perfect place to ask questions like:

  1. How can we as humans and companies be winners from new technical solutions? 
  2. What are the new human challenges in this tech world? 
  3. What are the future success skills – why do awareness/consciousness and ethics matter now even more than ever? 

We present

Tech experts: Ville Jehe (Entrepreneur who is developing drones and cyber security solutions for banks, for example: Threod Systems etc); Jaanus Aal (Enics Estonia Site Manager); Terry London (Partner and Proekspert and Industry 4.0 visionary); Peeter Meos (Data Science Technical Lead at Proekspert) & Eziil Production Intelligence Manager Maido Janke.

Awareness experts: Ingvar Villido (Founder of The Art of Conscious Change courses and the owner of most successful training company in Estonia 2016 - Human OÜ, the best known awareness teacher in Estonia) and Dr Helena Lass (practicing psychiatrist, mental wellness expert and mastermind behind global e-training platform

People who have experienced the ultimate limits of human capacity: Solo sailor and Ropeye Founder Jaanus Tamme and solo sailor, singer and sleep technologist Kene Vernik from Nordic Sleep Centre.

All discussions will be born on site. No old-school boring PowerPoint.

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to listen to top experts/entrepreneurs and awareness/human capacity practitioners. It is an opportunity to look into the future. It is a place for your insights and your inspiration.

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Conference: <br>Innovation. Workplace. Performance. - New Delhi

Innovation. Workplace. Performance. - New Delhi

Oct 2019

For the companies of 21 century the mental strength and peak performance of it’s people are increasingly the main strategic objectives. This demands a new kind of leadership that fosters initiative. Wider implication of applied awareness can expand minds and reach this objective. Our conferences inspire a mind-set of awareness for creating innovative businesses and success in today’s global world. We approach awareness as an ability to observe and notice – obtaining the right information at the right time. Leading to the most up-to-date and firsthand contact with the real-time events, insights and bold decisions. Those who master the skill of noticing make associations easily and have an access to intuition, a knowing without thinking. Like Isaac Newton realized the law of universal gravitation while sitting under the apple tree and being hit by a falling apple. 


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