What people say

"Thank you for a very good conference. It was one of the most relevant and businesslike conferences I have ever been to, a time well spent. I could really tell it was carried out consciously. The location at KUMU Modern Art Museum was a very good choice. The hall had a good view of the stage and excellent audibility. The stage set-up and decorations were really nice. Both the event organizing and catering were fantastic. All the speakers were very good, inspiring and eye-opening across fields."

Position: Managing Director, Sveba-Dahlen Baltic PLC, Estonia
Participated twice: 07.05.2015 & 05.05.206 Tallinn

Simmo Soomets, Sveba-Dahlen, Estonia

"I got new knowledge that I needed.

Positive experience. I liked the whole event, presenters, service, punctuality. Awesome conference notebook!"

Position: Accountant & HR specialist, Hedon SPA & Hotel, Estonia
Participated: 05.05.2016 Tallinn

Anneli Aidla, Hedon SPA & Hotel, Estonia

"I really enjoyed the conference. The topic is very inspiring and fresh. It is always good to learn more and share experiences. I have only the best words for the organizers. Everything was excellent, from arriving, greeting and registration, to great booklets, food, and drinks. The chosen venue was very lovely. The event had perfect timing and the moderator held to the schedule."

Position: Director at Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy (IECE), Macedonia
Participated: 07.05.2015, Tallinn

Angelina Taneva-Veshoska, IECE, Macedonia

"Thank you for the content-rich conference! In fact, it is very difficult to bring out just one presentation or topic that I enjoyed most. All the presentations offered a variety of ideas and content, which were necessary and important to me. The presentations could only be distinguished by the fact that some speakers had more stage charisma. I remember most vividly Alar Ojastu and Alar Tamming, both were extremely interesting to follow. At the same time presentations by Jürgen Salenbacher, Reet Aus, Helena Lass and Ville Jehe were also very interesting and taught me a lot. For me personally, Oleg Sõnajalg felt somewhat distant as it had a lot of technical detail and I am not very familiar with wind power generators. Nevertheless, the presentation itself was a good example of the entrepreneurial mindset."

Position: Head of Private Banking Customer Relationship, Danske Bank A/S Estonia branch, Estonia
Participated: 07.05.2015, Tallinn

Laura Kiigemägi, Danske Bank, Estonia

"The event was amazing. Something that others do not offer. I hope that in future events you will look more into the future - for example, what will happen with humans and machines by 2020?"

Position: G4S, Head of Department, Alarm Response Centre
Participated: 05.05.2016, Tallinn

Reiko Tääker, G4S, Estonia

"Thank you for the well-organized conference! ☺ It is definitely one of the best conferences, which I have ever had a chance to participate in. Both the content and feel of the event were excellent, a very rewarding event. I don't have any critical comments at all. I would appreciate the possibility to see some of the presentations once again (over the internet)."

Position: Sales Manager, Kodupaber AS, Estonia
Participated: 07.05.2015, Tallinn

Lembe Kocys, Kodupaber, Estonia

"Thank you so much, it was a fantastic conference. I really liked all of the presentations. Also, the location and the way the event was organized were excellent. I really liked Mr. Kaur Lass's summary at the end of the conference. Please continue in the same spirit, everything and every single presentation were very enjoyable."

Position: Assistant of the Manager, Pärnu Hospital, Internal Medicine Clinic, Estonia
Participated twice: 07.05.2015 & 05.05.2016 Tallinn

Ülle Mitt, Pärnu Hospital, Estonia

"The impressions are powerful, thanks a lot! For me personally, the most inspiring and attractive speakers were Alar Ojastu, Alar Tamming, and Ingvar Villido. All of them had very good presentation skills and are broad-minded. Both Alars talked about complicated situations with a nice sense of humor. The cases they presented were simple yet powerful. I loved how Anneli Ohvril shared her experience in communicating with masses while working on the "Lets do it - the world clean up" campaign. A wonderful idea that found it's way into completion. I truly admire the dedication of these kinds of people, they are an inspiration!

I felt at ease and reassured that regardless of the problems of our current world, kindness will eventually solve all of them. I also took away a realization on the importance of creating synergies in order to succeed both at teamwork and at any kind of collaboration. The guest speaker Jürgen Salenbacher was also very pleasant and inspiring. The venue was beautiful and the organizers had done everything to make people feel really welcome. Everything was nicely arranged. Thank you!"

Position: Food Service manager at Santa Maria AS, Estonia
Participated: 07.05.2015 Tallinn

Kristel Pisang, Santa Maria, Estonia

"It was worth coming! Workplace wellbeing is an important topic and it cannot be developed with just cool interior design and employee benefits. Great to see that this topic is becoming important in Estonia.

I liked how the presenters were able to communicate their experiences about workplace wellbeing topics. It was great to see that the audience also received this message."

Position: Head of Information Systems Department, Unemployment Insurance Fund, Estonia
Participated: 05.05.2016 Tallinn

Meelis Kerbo, Töötukassa, Estonia