This spring is perfect time for employee e-trainings

This spring is perfect time for employee e-trainingsReal skills. Real Change. Now available from anywhere!

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The next Conscious Initiative Conference "TECHNOLOGY. HUMAN CAPACITY. AWARENESS." will take place 03.05.2018 in Tallinn. Yes, it is a year from now. However this spring you have a perfect opportunity to take an e-training instead. Wellness Orbit trainings enable your company staff to be more insightful, resilient, foster creativity and innovation, take initiative and personal responsibility. Wellnes Orbit is our global digital corporate training platform. It offers curated, highly professional digital trainings for self-development and re-inventing human capacity that differ and at times even disrupt conventional methods. 

Wellness Orbit e-trainings are much more than pre-recorded professional FullHD videos. Here your company staff is immersed into a systematic, well designed and digitally facilitated learning experience with self-assessment, feedback, workbook, quizzes and suggestions for group discussions. 

Our second e-training is entitled "Well Fit for Work" and brings into focus awareness based intra-personal skills. Intra-personal skills provide tools to change habits so that top professionals could face the challenges in the most effective manner possible. These skills enable a “green light” for professional development by increasing attention, ability to lead emotions and thoughts, having personal insights, confidence and drive.


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Easy to set-up and easy to use

Initial set up for the first e-training takes ca 15 to 30 minutes. Customized videos are ready for use by the next day. So it is even simpler then booking a conference ticket. You can truly enjoy it aytime and from anywhere!

Choose a single training or annual membership and cater to the different developmental needs of all of your employees with one go, at one destination.