Innovation. Workplace. Performance. - New Delhi
Oct 2019

For the companies of 21 century the mental strength and peak performance of it’s people are increasingly the main strategic objectives. This demands a new kind of leadership that fosters initiative. Wider implication of applied awareness can expand minds and reach this objective. Our conferences inspire a mind-set of awareness for creating innovative businesses and success in today’s global world. We approach awareness as an ability to observe and notice – obtaining the right information at the right time. Leading to the most up-to-date and firsthand contact with the real-time events, insights and bold decisions. Those who master the skill of noticing make associations easily and have an access to intuition, a knowing without thinking. Like Isaac Newton realized the law of universal gravitation while sitting under the apple tree and being hit by a falling apple. 



Registration is not open. Date is still open. Event is planned to take place March 2019.
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New Delhi - 5 star hotel in Central New Delhi area. Venue will be announced later.